Part 4: Long text comprehension

In this part, you will read a long text (about 750 words). You will also read eight headings. The task is to match seven of the headings to paragraphs in the text. There is always an extra heading that does not fit with any paragraph.This part is designed to test your...

Part 2: Text cohesion

In this part, there are two tasks. Both have six sentences that make a whole text. The sentences have been put into the wrong order and you need to put them in the correct order. There is only one correct way to organise the sentences. Your task is to click on each...

Part 1: Sentence comprehension

In this part, you need to choose a word (choice of three) to complete a sentence. There are five sentences to complete. You do not need to understand all of the sentences to complete each individual sentence.This part assesses your ability to read a sentence and to...

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